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Welcome to the homepage of the Dynamics of Biological Networks group at the University of Bristol. Please click on the links on the left to learn more about us and our work.


2014-08-15: Paper accepted: Egyptian Foodwebs

Our paper with Justin Yeakel has been accepted for publication in PNAS.

2014-08-12: Paper accepted: Triple Jump

Holly's paper about the triple jump approach to adaptive networks has been accepted for publicaton in NJP

2014-07-14: New group member: Marcin Gorny

Marcin is a Bristol undergrad who has won a faculty award for excellent achievement. This award will allow him to do research work over summer, and he has chosen our lab to do so.

2014-06-18: Paper published: Protein aggregation and aging in yeast.

Our new paper with Iva Tolic's lab has appeared in PloS Biology.

2014-05-29: And, another book chapter ...

... has appeared in Criticality in Neural systems.

2014-05-21: 50 Visions of Mathematics

Thilo has written a book chapter for '50 visions of mathematics' a highly entertaining popular book.

2014-05-17: New group member: Virginia Dominguez

Virginia joins us for three months to work on food web stability.

2014-05-06: Paper accepted: Damage segregation in Yeast Cells

Our paper with Steven Lade and Iva Tolic's lab on damage and aging in Yeast has been accepted for publication in PLoS Biology.

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