BioND — Dynamics of Biological Networks

Epidemic dynamics on an adaptive network

Thilo Gross, Carlos Dommar D'Lima, and Bernd Blasius
Physical Review Letters 96, 208701-4, 2006.


Bifurcation diagram of the adaptive SIS model

Many real world networks are characterized by adaptive changes in their topology depending on the state of their nodes. Here we study epidemic dynamics on an adaptive network, where the susceptibles are able to avoid contact with infected by rewiring their network connections. This gives rise to assortative degree correlation, oscillations, hysteresis and 1st order transitions. We propose a low-dimensional model to describe the system and present a full local bifurcation analysis. Our results indicate that the interplay between dynamics and topology can have important consequences for the spreading of infectious diseases and related applications.

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Jan Lublinski, German Public Radio (Deutschlandfunk), 2009-07-06
Wie auch bei der Schweinegrippe, ist der Krankheitsverlauf des Dengue-Fiebers meist relativ harmlos. Dennoch stecken sich ganze Städte schnell mit dem Fieber an. Wie die Ausbreitung abläuft, untersuchen derzeit Wissenschaftler in Dresden - mit Hilfe von Mathematik
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